Stop Constantly Checking Email!

Win your morning, and you win your day. We have all experienced days where we felt like we did a lot, only to realize we didn’t accomplish anything meaningful. You’ll discover that you spent the day reacting to others instead of sticking to your plan. I recommend you use your smartphone to check your schedule for the day and ensure there are no legitimate emergencies in your inbox, then ignore it. Don’t even open your email browser.
Spend the best hours of your workday on your most impactful task. Devote yourself to something that will produce results. Checking email is addictive, but you must overcome the temptation to continually respond to everyone else’s demands and work on meaningful projects. That is how you become productive. If you want to be more productive than 90% of your colleagues, stop checking emails and start producing.
Learn more, Eliminate Distractions to Reclaim your Focus & Productivity Continue reading Stop Constantly Checking Email!

The Habit: Week-17 (Eliminate Distractions to Reclaim your Focus & Productivity)

“We are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction where we are increasingly disconnected from the people and events around us, and increasingly unable to engage in long-form thinking. People now feel anxious when their brains are unstimulated.” Joe Kraus

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Distraction is a real problem in our society. Most of us could do more, but we are mired in distractions. Our lives are made up of time, and distractions can rob us of some of our best hours. Social media is the biggest distractor. I predict that an obsession with social media will be recognized by the medical community as a new form of addiction. Do you think my use of the word addiction is hyperbole? Perhaps you should try deleting all your social media apps for a week. Did a shiver go up your spine? This week’s challenge is a difficult one, but well worth it. This week’s challenge is to eliminate distractions so you can reclaim your focus, creativity, and productivity.

Our smartphones were created to be as addictive as a slot machine. Like a slot machine, our smart phones work on the principle of variable rewards. Every time we receive a reward, it gives us a hit of dopamine. Each time we check our social feed, it is like pulling the lever. Because the reward isn’t a certainty, it creates the excitement of anticipation. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-17 (Eliminate Distractions to Reclaim your Focus & Productivity)”