Why We Should Focus on Habits, and Not Outcomes

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“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”  James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

What you are going to learn:

  1. Why a Focus on Short-Term Results Causes us to Choose Ineffective Programs
  2. Why Habits are the Key to Sustainable Results
  3. Why What is Popular is Not Always Effective
  4. Why Unethical Fitness Guru’s often Recommend a Low Carb Diet, Praying on the Eagerness of People to See Quick Results

We all want to achieve results, but when we focus on outcomes and not habits, we make bad decisions. When we are too focused on outcomes, we look for short cuts. What is quickly done, is quickly undone.

Biggest loser

NBC – Ali Vincent was the first female to win on the show with an 112-pound weight loss. Vincent recently posted to Facebook about gaining the weight back. Continue reading “Why We Should Focus on Habits, and Not Outcomes”


The Ketogenic Diet – The Flavor of the Month

Constantly looking for the miracle diet that will finally produce the results you want is just another form of procrastination. Fortunately, the weight loss industry is more than happy to provide you with an endless supply of options.

The current flavor of the month is the Ketogenic Diet.

Is the Ketogenic Diet terrible? No, not in the short term. Would I recommend it? NO. The reasons I wouldn’t recommend it are:

1)  Ketogenic and other low carb diets aren’t more effective at promoting fat loss.

2)  Low carb diets aren’t sustainable.

3)  Low carb diets lower your metabolism and make it easier to overeat.

4)  Low carb diets decrease your satiety, which makes it harder to stick with long term. Continue reading “The Ketogenic Diet – The Flavor of the Month”