The One Thing – The One Habit Essential to Fat Loss


The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results drive home the necessity of focusing our efforts on one important thing at a time. We shouldn’t spread our limited time, focus, and energy trying to do too much.

We should find the most productive activity and focus on it to the exclusion of other less productive activities. A large measure of Steve Jobs’ success at Apple can be attributed to his ability to focus all his energy into one great idea at a time. Continue reading “The One Thing – The One Habit Essential to Fat Loss”


Building Muscle and Strength Made Simple – The 3 to 5 Program

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One of the simplest program designs I have come across is the 3 to 5 Strength Building Plan. I found it in Kettlebell Rx by Jeff Martone. Perform 3 to 5 weekly strength training workouts. Perform 3 to 5 basic exercises in a circuit. Perform 3 to 5 sets of each exercise. Perform 3 to 5 controlled repetitions per set, stopping one or two reps short of failure. Rest 3 to 5 minutes between sets and shake out the tension in the muscles. It’s as simple as it is effective. Probably better than 95% of the programs you’ll find in the current Muscle and Fiction magazines. Continue reading “Building Muscle and Strength Made Simple – The 3 to 5 Program”